About Our Company

The Idea Creek was founded in 2011 by Chris Wentland and Jeremy Van Beusekom to create one of a kind memories.

Jeremy was a part of the Eden Prairie Fire Department for 10 years.  As he was nearing his retirement, he realized how important it was to recognize firefighters for their years of service with a plaque that was memorable and that firefighters were proud to hang on their wall.  It was out of this desire to make sure firefighters were properly recognized that the firefighter retirement plaque was created.

Jeremy and Chris have since branched into other areas and enjoy working with clients to create items that are customized to their design ideas.  Each completed piece is hand sanded and finished to bring out the best in the materials used.  The business is currently operated out of a small custom shop and utilizes numerous tools, including an industrial CNC and Laser Engraver.